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  • On A Rock

    Thursday Writers Workshop

    I’m deep into summer mode. Here’s a picture of me and my son in Mexico. Notice the Giants visor. Zack, my husband, was wearing his Giants hat the whole time too. Kind of embarrassing but whatever. I wanted to get the word out that my young author workshops will be happening again this fall. There’s one on Mondays and Thursdays. …

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  • Thank you so much, Thais, for such attention to detail with Maya on her writing. She absolutely loved writer’s workshop, and, in particular, you! She was already a gifted writer, but became more confident in her writing and speaking to audiences because of you! Thank you! – Kaitlyn O., parent
  • What! The hour is already over? – Polina G., student
  • If there’s a silly part in a story it’s a very good story. – Annie N., student., student
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    Magic Happened Today

    Magic happened today at Book Passage Haiku Poetry Workshop. A bird is singing… It flaps its wings and flies. Now, it’s silent. by Ginger Birds sour through the air… Sunbeams dance in the shadows, a small breeze comes, plants sway. by Maya O. Next workshop happens at the same place, same time on Aug. 10th! Call Book Passage to sign-up!

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  • BookPassage

    Join Me At Book Passage This Sunday 7/13!

      HAIKU POETRY Young authors write Haiku poems with the skilled guidance of published writer and young author mentor, Thais at ( Measure syllables, use the traditional three-line structure of Haiku, and capture the beauty of summer in a poem. Guaranteed success!       Dandelion The meadow is still. A bird flies over the meadow. Whoosh! The seeds scatter. …

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  • Mill Valley Community Center

    College Prep Writing For Middle School Aged Students

    Write 500 words a week for eight weeks with the skilled guidance of published writer and young author mentor, Thais Derich ( -Receive a writing inspiration email every Tuesday. -You email back 500 words every Friday. -Receive an email response with professional feedback and encouragement with an artist’s eye for creativity and a teacher’s eye on the common core standards. …

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  • Edna Maguire 440x310

    Save Your Mondays After School!

    The day has been set! Mill Valley school district’s enrichment program has set the date for the next writer’s workshop. Mondays in the fall after school. I’m planning some fun writing activities. My workshop is run through the Mill Valley after-school enrichment program. I’ll most likely keep this day and time all year so plan your after-school activities accordingly. I …

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