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  • Ingle Haiku Workshop1 E1413866967824

    2nd Grade Haiku Workshop

    Everyone in Ms. Ingle’s 2nd grade class wrote a Haiku poem! As part of their poetry unit, I came in as a special guest to teach the students about Haiku poetry. Every student composed his or her own original poem following the 5-7-5 syllable per-line haiku tradition.                     “Thais Derich is …

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  • Thank you so much, Thais, for such attention to detail with Maya on her writing. She absolutely loved writer’s workshop, and, in particular, you! She was already a gifted writer, but became more confident in her writing and speaking to audiences because of you! Thank you! – Kaitlyn O., parent
  • What! The hour is already over? – Polina G., student
  • If there’s a silly part in a story it’s a very good story. – Annie N., student., student
  • DSC 0244

    5th Grader Writes About A Big Moment

    A Volleyball Season by Anna It was the first game of the playoffs and my team, The Mount Carmel Baby Ducks, were in 3rd place. We had won the first set and the opposing team had won the second set. Volleyball sets only go up to 25 points and we were tied in the third set 24-24. A tie-breaker! The …

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  • Polina Haiku Dragon

    3rd Grader, Polina, Writes This Haiku Poem About A Dragon

    Fearless Dragon A fearless dragon, black, glimmering in sunlight Saving me from harm. Come join us at one of my next workshops!

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  • On A Rock

    Thursday Writers Workshop

    I’m deep into summer mode. Here’s a picture of me and my son in Mexico. Notice the Giants visor. Zack, my husband, was wearing his Giants hat the whole time too. Kind of embarrassing but whatever. I wanted to get the word out that my young author workshops will be happening again this fall. There’s one on Mondays and Thursdays. …

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  • DSC 1082 E1409262216337

    Magic Happened Today

    Magic happened today at Book Passage Haiku Poetry Workshop. A bird is singing… It flaps its wings and flies. Now, it’s silent. by Ginger Birds sour through the air… Sunbeams dance in the shadows, a small breeze comes, plants sway. by Maya O. Next workshop happens at the same place, same time on Aug. 10th! Call Book Passage to sign-up!

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